I came into the class not sure what to expect, and came out with some gems that I believe I will be using the rest of my life. Some gems I will hold onto are the “parachute statement” that I can share with others to more eloquently describe what my BFRB is, a personal picking strategy goal, and the process model to help me understand myself better. Jason’s clarity, content, and structure were so well defined throughout the whole course.

With everything I had going on in life, taking this course did not add more stress, but in contrast, helped me make it through life stressors a little easier – knowing I was taking time for myself and what was important to me. I never felt pressured to do more than I was able, and what I did was good enough. Jason set reasonable goals and homework assignments that were not so much a chore, as something that I knew would improve my quality of life. I wanted to do all the assignments! I thought the slides were great, too. For some of the brainstorming slides, I really appreciated him limiting our thinking to 2 to 3 minutes. It prevented me from overthinking. It wasn’t overwhelming, and if I can make time to do this course, anyone can!!

I also appreciated Jason’s vulnerability and thoughts throughout the whole course material. I always felt that he never asked anything of us that he wouldn’t expect of himself. Jason showed how he really cared, remembered what we said, and would reflect it back to us!

Jo; 40; Wisconsin; Feb 2022