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Hello! My name is Jason and I compulsively pick my skin.

If you’re reading this page you may have heard of the term Dermatillomania, but maybe not! I picked at my skin constantly for 10 years, and I had no idea it had a name. My hands were the worst. I’d try my best to hide them because I hated it when people asked if I wanted lotion. I knew this “bad habit” was more than eczema, but I had too much shame to respond. I was terrified of my own body, and after trying so many different things to stop, I had more or less lost hope.

When I randomly stumbled upon about BFRBs (Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours), all the wind got knocked out of my chest.

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Thanks for saving my life Adele. No joke.

We met up and soon our conversations morphed into the Fidget podcast. Community and compassion completely changed my relationship with my BFRB. I used to hide my hands because others controlled the narrative, but Fidget gave me the tools to share them.

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I left my civil engineering career to become a counsellor. If you’re struggling, I’d love to help you! Together we can develop tools to manage your BFRB. Listen to the podcast, watch my videos, or email me to set up 1:1 support.

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The Fidget podcast, website, videos, and any other material produced or shared is not therapy. It is not a replacement for therapy. Any advice followed from Fidget is done so at one’s own risk, and should always be discussed with a mental healthcare professional before doing so. Please seek therapy from a trained professional.